I wouldn’t be able to pursue my dreams in this sport if it weren’t for the help of countless friends and family. I have made many valued friendships through this sport which has given me continued motivation to get out there to train and race day in and day out. Triathlon is by no means cheap when you have to consider the cost of equipment, nutrition, race entries, travel expenses, time investments, etc.

I would like to recognize the following organizations that go out of their way to provide me support either tangible or intangible. Thank you!



Epix Gear creates fantastic custom triathlon clothing for racing and training. I’ve worked with them since my time at the University of South Carolina where they produced our racing kits. Both Epix Gear and I have come a long way in the sport since then and they now produce some of the best triathlon gear in the market. Their gear fits well, is comfortable, breathable, affordable, and most importantly looks awesome. If you are looking for a new tri suit or other tri clothing then I wouldn’t hesitate to pick Epix Gear!


Team Kattouf Nutrition makes a variety of nutrition supplements and bars as well as provides meal plans for those looking for help on the nutrition side of the sport. I first started working with Rick and Gail Kattouf in 2014 as I was getting more serious into training and racing. Rick Kattouf has made an excellent line of supplements that support the training process for endurance or strength training. I can tell a noticeable difference in my training and results when actively using their products and even have some data to back it up! Visit their online store to check out their products and shoot me or Rick Kattouf a message if you have any questions about how or when to use any of their products. You can also use the code “tkcoachfeigh” for a 30% discount on anything on their site!


I started rocking TriRig’s Omni bike during the 2019 season and have been loving it! I’ve not only recorded my fastest bike splits to date, but have been more comfortable doing it. They have thoroughly thought out anything a high performing triathlete would need and put it into practice on the Omni, making for a amazingly fast bike that is user friendly and super easy to wrench on. TriRig also sells many accessories separate from their Omni bike, including aerobars, aero skewers, aero brakes, and a ton more. All of their products show their attention to detail and practicality. Let me know if you have any questions about Omni or any other of their products!


Rebekah and I joined Rooted Gypsy Farms shortly after arriving to Grand Junction, CO. Rooted Gypsy provides a weekly box of local meat and produce to members of the community which is always super fresh and delicious! They not only offer food that they have at their own farm, but include foods from other farms that they partner with. It’s been great receiving our weekly box of goodies throughout the season and we’re looking forward to many more deliveries to come. Knowing that the people behind Rooted Gypsy Farms share the same Christian and family values as us has only made us love them more! For 20% off your first box with Rooted Gypsy, just mention me or Rebekah when you sign up.