I wouldn’t be able to pursue my dreams in this sport if it weren’t for the help of countless friends and family. I have made many valued friendships through this sport which has given me continued motivation to get out there to train and race day in and day out. Triathlon is by no means cheap when you have to consider the cost of equipment, nutrition, race entries, travel expenses, time investments, etc. While I do not have many formal sponsors at this time, I would like to recognize some of the organizations that go out of their way to provide me support either tangible or intangible.


Outspokin’ Bicycles has helped me so much throughout the past few years in training and racing. Rebekah even worked there for awhile! There are two locations near where I work and live in Columbia and Irmo, SC. They sell Trek bicycles and set me up on the Trek Speed Concept triathlon bike I race on now. They also have any other gear necessary for getting started or for going as fast as possible. Without them, I would probably be completely lost when it comes to bike maintenance as well! Mention that you are a triathlete for a 10% discount on many of their products!

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I won’t lie, pool swimming is probably my least favorite discipline in triathlon. Since I have started racing I have always been focusing on how to make myself faster in the water. There is no secret to success in this part of the sport, except consistent time in the pool putting in the focus and effort to get faster. The coaches at Carolina Aquatics provide great workouts and provide on deck instruction throughout the sets. I have been swimming with this group on and off for the past couple years, but am now making it my goal to be in regular attendance at their Master’s practices now that I will be competing at a higher level of the sport. Come out and join me and check out their schedules by clicking here!