I’m not going to sugarcoat things, this trip did not go how I had hoped it would. From travel to the race, there seemed to almost constantly be stress or something going awry. Rebekah, Charleigh, and I are now back in Colorado after an exhausting venture, but at least made some memories on the way. … More IRONMAN Ireland

Eagleman 70.3

Last weekend was Eagleman 70.3 in Cambridge, Maryland which was to be a tune up race for IRONMAN Cork in Ireland 2 weeks later. I had raced at Eagleman 2 years ago in a string of 70.3’s that pretty much all resulted in me falling apart in the second half of the run. This was … More Eagleman 70.3

SAFE Lexington

I want to start by saying a huge THANK YOU to all the organizers and participants of SAFE Lexington and their recent 24/7 Run + Walk. SAFE Lexington is a community group located in my hometown of Lexington, SC whose goal is to promote safety among drivers, cyclists, runners, and pedestrians in the area. This … More SAFE Lexington

Leaving Tucson

Today marks the final day in my assignment here in Tucson and we will be leaving Monday for our next adventure! My time at Tucson Medical Center has been great and they accepted me seamlessly into their family. While it was tempting to stick around, I’m afraid I would probably melt in the approaching heat … More Leaving Tucson

Oceanside 70.3

After the mess that was Campeche 70.3, I continued to stay in a funk for the next week or two. I just couldn’t seem to keep up with all the demands of life and catch up on rest. Eventually, though, I was able to hit some good workouts and then actually finding myself bouncing back … More Oceanside 70.3