It’s My BIRTHday!

Hello everybody! As you may or may not already know, today marks both my 25th birthday and the very exciting “Eclipse Day”. This post is about neither of those. Rather, this post is about some exciting news I got the other day. While I was at the beginning of my shift at work on Friday, … More It’s My BIRTHday!

Alaskaman (part 1)

8 months ago I signed up for the Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon. At the time, the race was more of an abstraction than a reality. While I had most of the details of the race, I didn’t know what it would really entail. I had chosen this race as my first Ironman distance race because I … More Alaskaman (part 1)

Alaskaman (part 2)

The first part can be found here The volunteers brought me my prepared transition bag while I racked my bike, and I quickly handed them the containers that I needed to be filled with water. After I finished getting ready and was waiting for them to finish with my water pack, Andrew came into transition … More Alaskaman (part 2)

Eagleman 70.3

Eagleman 70.3 was the last in a series of 3 Half Ironman distance races in 4 weeks coming exactly 1 week after Raleigh 70.3. While my recovery after Raleigh went very well, I knew that having only a week between could be rough regardless of how good I felt. Rebekah and I decided to break … More Eagleman 70.3