Famously Hot Training

This page is an attempt to collect the various group swim/bike/runs that happen regularly throughout the Columbia area and make them known publicly. I will attempt to keep this page updated regularly but know that each workout is hosted by someone other than myself and could change from week to week. I will try to include contact info for each workout where you can get more info before going. This list isn’t comprehensive and please message me if you know of any other established group workouts in the area!

F3 and FiA are also very popular groups in the area that offer a variety of workouts, mainly in the mornings. To find out more about them go to f3nation.com or fianation.com.

The Columbia area also has a host of great triathlon coaches who can assist you in achieving your goals for endurance training and racing. I’ve compiled a list of coaches which you can find below!


  • These are mostly well-attended workouts, but there is always a possibility that nobody is there that week due to many reasons including time changes, weather, or changes in schedule. If you find out that anything on this calendar is wrong, just let me know and I’ll attempt to edit the schedule to reflect the change.
  • If you are a leader of any of these workouts and would like anything changed, just let me know and it will be done.
  • If you know of any additional group workouts you would like added, also let me know.
  • My email is adamfeigh@gmail.com or you can message me on Facebook or phone.
  • The Facebook page correlating to this can be found here
  • I’ve placed this calendar on my blog because I didn’t want to make a new website just for this purpose. If you would like to embed or share the calendar then I’d be more than happy to help.

Last updated 11/09/2017