Run to Whitewater

A race?! That’s right, with the Pro race at IRONMAN Arizona recently being cancelled, I decided to jump in to a local race known as the “Run to Whitewater”. Since arriving to Grand Junction in April of 2019, I had somehow managed to not jump into any local running races yet. Probably a combination of … More Run to Whitewater

24 Hour TT

In a little over a month’s time, I’ll be setting off to take on a 24 hour cycling time trial. With no impending races and wanting to set a goal/event to work towards, I started looking into all sorts of opportunities. While there are still small ultramarathons and potentially the occasional local races available, those … More 24 Hour TT

House Life

We’re Homeowners (again)! Well, technically, we only went 4 days without owning a house. At the beginning of June, Rebekah and I officially sold our house in South Carolina and bought a house in Grand Junction, Colorado just a few days later. The past month has been super busy getting everything moved in with both … More House Life

💩 Happens

The past month has been a bit of a rollercoaster that managed to go off the rails somehow. My last update via blog came just over a month ago, but many changes have occurred since then routing my life in a slightly different direction. My intention was to update here sooner, but unfortunately my typing … More 💩 Happens

Back to Work/COVID-19

Only 2 months after ending my prior travel nurse contract, my time of not working as a nurse in order to focus more on training has come to an end. This has certainly come sooner than expected, but was caused by a couple of main factors. While I didn’t turn into a completely different athlete … More Back to Work/COVID-19