Hello, and welcome to my website! My name is Adam Feigh (pronounced “Fi”) and this is my place to chronicle the events that happen in my life so that friends, family, or strangers can share in my experiences with me. While I will primarily keep the topics related to my triathlon/exercise related endeavors, I will likely share any other important events that I deem noteworthy. My wife Rebekah also makes the occasional post in an effort to keep everyone abreast of our travels! While we’ll update as we find time, we hope this becomes an outlet for us as well as a source of enjoyment for any readers.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, I do triathlons. A lot. As of June of 2016 I even qualified to start racing them Professionally. Does that mean I make money doing it, a little bit. But it’s not quite paying the bills yet. I may not be a World Champion at this point, but with each day I continue to improve and hope to be able to compete with the best! Every day is a battle packed with taking the steps to improve in all things swim, bike, run, while still working as an Operating Room Nurse and spending time with my wife Rebekah, our daughter Charleigh, and our dogs Riley and Hercules.

How did all this start? Well, I did my first triathlon in March of 2011. I made the mistake of signing up for the “Open” or Elite wave and got passed a lot with a very novice swim, bike, and run to place me dead center in the results. Luckily, I left my race number on my bike for the next month as I commuted around campus when I found a kind stranger had written a note on it. His name was (and still is) Mike Lambert and he told me of recent attempts to start a triathlon club at the University of South Carolina (my Alma mater). Before I knew it, I was addicted and after serving as Treasurer and President of the USC club, I even became the Commissioner for all of the Collegiate clubs in the Southeast for awhile. I also started getting faster at this triathlon thing little by little as I worked on my weaknesses and put in the time and effort to train. After 10+ years, the work is continually paying off, and I don’t intend on slowing down anytime soon!

A talk with friend Jesse Harmon on his podcast My Marathon here.

A talk with my friend Terry Wilson about my race at IRONMAN Chattanooga on his podcast Pursuit of the Perfect Race here.


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  1. The GJ Daily Sentinel newspaper would like to interview you before the weekend if that’s possible. A phone interview is fine. Let me know if that is possible and a good contact number. Sounds like quite the adventure. thanks,


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