24 Frequently Asked Questions

Planning for my 24 hour cycling time trial has brought up a lot of questions given the unique nature of the event. There are a ton of details and forethought that are going into this event, so I thought I would give a closer look into some of my plans with the ride being just a couple weeks out now. Though keep in mind that I have not yet completed the event, so there are still a lot of question marks that I won’t know until I’ve done it!

  1. When is the ride?
    • I will be starting at 3am on October 3rd and ending at 3am on October 4th. This will allow for minimal disruptions to my normal sleep pattern and break the night sections up into 2 parts.
  2. How far do you plan on going?
    • As far as I possibly can. I would be naive to assume anything with this. But I am hoping to break the official World Record of 556.856 miles by Christoph Strasser and preferably more.
  3. How often will you stop?
    • As little as possible. Any stopping is wasted time and a killer to average speed. The only time I intend on stopping will be to put on/take off clothing or if I have to defecate. Though I recognize I may need to for other other reasons out of necessity.
  4. Are you going to take any nap breaks or sleep during?
    • See above. I don’t expect this to be easy, but I do see it as being completely possible.
  5. What about to pee?
    • See above. I am well practiced at peeing on bikes.
  6. Will you stop if you break the World Record?
    • Nope. I know Christoph has also done 567-ish miles unofficially and intends on going even further in the near future. Not to mention other riders potentially tackling this down the road. Therefore, I will be going AS FAR AS POSSIBLE.
  7. Where will you be doing it?
    • I have had a course certified in Fruita, Colorado that is about an 8 mile loop. I will be riding on this loop for the entire 24 hours.
  8. Is it super flat?
    • It is pretty flat, but still has a little up and down to it. There is about 138 feet of elevation per lap. Allowing me to keep pretty good momentum but also providing the occasional respite on the down.
  9. What about traffic?
    • I am required to have lights and a follow vehicle at all times during the night segments and with likely do so during the day as well. We are also working with local law enforcement to make sure everything is official and safe.
  10. Can I come watch?
    • Sure! There are a good amount of places to pull off on the route to watch me pass about every 20 minutes. Just make sure to be completely off the road and not blocking me or traffic. And be respectful of anybody’s personal property.
  11. What if I live further away?
    • I’m intending to do a Garmin Livetrack during the event as long as my phone battery with allow it. Rebekah and others will be posting during the day, though I doubt many people will be awake around the finish at 3am!
  12. Can I ride with you for a bit?
    • Unfortunately, no. To be an official record attempt, nobody is allowed to ride near me at any time. Even if I’m not drafting or receiving support it is still not permissible.
  13. What other rules are there?
  14. How do I know you won’t be cheating?
    • There are a number of safeguards that WUCA uses to ensure a fair attempt. Particularly with the use of multiple officials and the multiple methods of recording. I’m sure someone particularly devious could find a way to cheat the system, but I like to think that the people that know me would never question my personal integrity.
  15. Have you thought about aero testing or XYZ gear to make you go faster?
    • Yes. I have thought about this ride more than is probably reasonable in the past months. I have considered just about every marginal gain out there and if it is worth investing in. Some things aren’t as straightforward as in a normal ride/race since I will be on the bike for so long. But trust me, no stone is being left unturned.
  16. What if the weather is bad?
    • I have specifically chosen this date for my best chance at having good weather. The low is typically in the 40’s and the high in the 70’s. There will be a full moon to assist visibility. I made my course in part to optimize normal wind patterns. But if the day turns out worse than anticipated, then I’ll just have to roll with it. Both the rules layed out by WUCA and all the resources I have planned for prevent me from changing the date/time if the weather isn’t optimal. So here’s to hoping that everything lines up perfectly on the day with the weather.
  17. What will you eat?
    • Over my longer rides over the last few weeks I’ve more or less nailed down what I’ll be consuming. About half of my calories will be from a liquid mixture of Hydrawin and Sustain, products from Team Kattouf. I may add some sodium tablets to this depending on how warm it gets. The other half of my calories will be solid from Pop-Tarts and Fig Newtons. I intend on taking in 400-500 calories per hour.
  18. Won’t you need more real food at some point?
    • Hopefully not. When I introduce other foods with more fat or protein during training it definitely takes away from the power that I’m able to produce by making my gut work harder. I’m sure that I’ll get tired of it after so many hours, but I’m not doing this to be comfortable. As an applicable example, Christoph Strasser typically only uses Ensure during his Race Across America wins for 8 nonstop days.
  19. Are you going to carb load?
    • Sort of. I typically eat a ridiculous amount of food and carbohydrates each day just to keep up with my training load. So just by reducing my training in the days leading into the attempt while still focusing on keeping my eating up, I should be entering the ride fully topped up with glycogen.
  20. Do you need help/can I volunteer?
    • If you’re interested then shoot me a message. I’m finalizing my team now and will be hammering out the details as the ride gets closer. Having a great crew will be very important to the success of this ride.
  21. Wouldn’t a velodrome be faster?
    • Most likely, yes. But that is a different record technically. There are distinctions between indoor track attempts, outdoor track attempts, and road attempts. I am targeting the road version which means I must be outside and riding a course longer than 5 miles.
  22. Are you going to do Race Across America next?
    • I’m not planning on it. My passion is still primarily for long distance triathlon and competing at a high level there. I expect Professional races to resume shortly in that arena and I’m excited to jump back in when they do!
  23. Are you getting paid to do this?
    • Nope. It’s actually costing me a fair amount of money to do this officially. Not to mention how many people are offering their time and energy free of charge to help.
  24. Why are you doing this?
    • There’s a variety of reasons, but mainly to challenge myself. As George Mallory once said when asked about why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, “Because it’s there”. The prospect of this ride scares me both physically and mentally, and that’s a large part of why I’m setting out to do it.

4 thoughts on “24 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Good luck Adam I only ever did 2 in the UK and furthest I managed was 492 miles in 1992. The record at the time was 507 set by Roy Cromack an air force Lt took 28 years for someone to beat that distance from his record in 1969. Will see if I can find my old notes to remember what I ate and drank .


    1. I was busy being born in ‘92! I’ll likely have a few things going for me with equipment and thinner air here. Good to know I’m not the only person that finds this sort of thing “entertaining”


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