House Life

We’re Homeowners (again)! Well, technically, we only went 4 days without owning a house. At the beginning of June, Rebekah and I officially sold our house in South Carolina and bought a house in Grand Junction, Colorado just a few days later. The past month has been super busy getting everything moved in with both of us working and Charleigh somehow having endless energy when she gets home from daycare. But we are just about settled in now and finding somewhat of a rhythm with our day-to-day life. But before I dig into how awesome our new house is, let me describe our house-buying process here in Grand Junction. And how much it helped to have a great Realtor in Trisha Whittington from Re/Max 4000!

secrest-whittington logo black and white with remax

Selling our house in South Carolina unfortunately did not go as smoothly as hoped/planned. We had been renting the house out while away, and when Rebekah returned home earlier in the year, she found that it was left in not-so-good shape by the tenants. Due to the tireless efforts of Rebekah and both of our parents, the house was ready to sell by May of this year. I can really take no credit for any of this work, as I was mostly sitting around unemployed with some broken bones in Colorado. So lots of thanks are in order to the family!

My mom worked as our Real Estate Agent in SC and we had an offer on our house in just a couple weeks time due to her diligence. Shortly following that we were able to seriously start looking at houses here in Grand Junction. While we had been keeping our eye on the market, it was practically useless to do so, as good houses here were on and off the market within days of being listed. This is where Trisha became indispensable!

Our first attempt at an offer was a lesson in just how fast houses moved here. We toured a house near the very nice Canyon View Park, only to learn that the couple that toured it an hour before put in an offer that was accepted almost immediately. That house had been listed for less than 8 hours.

We then toured a house downtown that had been listed 2 hours before our arrival. We put an offer in at listing price that evening. We learned the next day that someone had toured the house right after us, and put an offer in that we weren’t ready to match. So house #2 was now gone too!

Our next offer came on a house in the nearby town of Fruita, which is known for both cycling and dinosaurs. Definitely two great things. Our offer coincided with not 1, but 2 other offers on the same house on the same day. That one was not meant to be either, though, and we were back on the hunt.

It’s a dinosaur, on a bike.

Our final attempt came back to a house in a subdivision just to the North of Grand Junction. It was actually the first house we had toured, and checked a lot of our boxes, but mainly was just a bit older than the others we had put offers in on (built in 1979). Otherwise it fulfilled all of our major requirements such as:

  • Being in a good location for work, training, and life
  • Within our price range
  • RV parking for our 5th Wheel
  • An already designated training room
  • Central heating and air

While this one had been on the market for a bit already, there was another offer that also coincided with ours again! But this time, we were victorious and came out on top! All of this happened in the time-frame of about one week, with Trisha working constantly to keep our anxious minds updated on what was going on. And after the chaos that was finding the right house, she continued to work hard in making sure that we were able to close on time, despite the occasional hurdles thrown our way. Which was hugely beneficial for us, as Summer began making its way quickly to Grand Junction this year. And Central AC is way better than RV AC!

Social distanced closing day!

So on June 5th, we loaded everything up from the farm and started our new journey of being official residents of Grand Junction. We’re super grateful that my work travels brought me here, and to the Barc family who welcomed us and have helped us a ton in the past year. From allowing us to park on their farm for over a year, to introducing us to the community here in the Grand Valley.

While we want to show off our new home to everybody, the current Covid-19 situation has prevented us from inviting everyone over for a house-warming party. We have fortunately still been able to meet a good amount of our neighbors from a safe distance, many of whom have children close to Charleigh in age (including one of her daycare class-mates). But considering both Rebekah and I work in healthcare, we’re certainly trying to stay smart in this time.

She pretty much runs around constantly now.

For some pre-furnished pictures of our new home, check these out. But I’ll certainly be showing off my new training space eventually that’s already been pretty well pimped out.

Had to buy a new lawnmower for the now much greener Summer grass.
Just switch that boat to a much larger RV!
To the right is now a garden/bike washing station.
Now way more toddler toys.
In case you were wondering what it was like without a roof.

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