Back to Work/COVID-19

Only 2 months after ending my prior travel nurse contract, my time of not working as a nurse in order to focus more on training has come to an end. This has certainly come sooner than expected, but was caused by a couple of main factors. While I didn’t turn into a completely different athlete overnight, I learned a lot in these past couple of months that I will be able to carry with me. Recovery was certainly better in general and I was able to bounce back between sessions quicker, though I still ran into the occasional niggles and setbacks.

Like wiping out on dirt roads.

So why the change so soon? Well it basically comes down to two factors. The first is financial. The job market for Social Workers in Grand Junction has been tighter than we initially expected, and thus Rebekah has not been able to start work as of yet. A couple of other circumstances have also drained our finances a bit quicker than expected. And even if everything went perfectly and I won every race I entered, I wouldn’t see that money for many months. Evidenced by me still waiting on receiving prize money from races that happened in 2019.


The second factor is the COVID-19 pandemic. It has become obvious that there won’t be any races going on this Spring. And even if there were, it would be irresponsible for me to travel and take part in these large events putting myself and others at risk. Meaning I chose just about the absolute worst time make training a priority! Everybody’s lives will be effected by this in varying ways, none of which will be positive. I am hopeful that the spread will be somewhat controlled and that the healthcare system won’t be too strained by what is to come.

So where am I going to work? Initially I was tempted in taking another travel assignment. The pay is certainly very good, especially when seeing positions available in response to COVID-19. Though my OR specialty isn’t necessarily the most relevant to the current most needed positions. I could have called upon my past in the ER, but that would have been a bit of a stretch.

In the end, I made my choice based on settling here in Grand Junction, and what will fit best with my family and training. I will be starting this week at Grand Valley Surgical Center in a part-time capacity (following a full-time orientation). Their facility is directly across from St Mary’s where I worked in my prior travel assignment with many of the same physicians that I worked with before.

While these aren’t the circumstances that I thought I would be returning to work as a nurse, I’m confident that this will be a good fit for me and my family. In regards to training and racing, I will continue to be patient and focus on being strong for what is likely to be a Fall stacked with racing. Either way, I will continue to love the process and be as flexible as possible in the coming months!

And will of course be eating more ice cream! (and maybe eventually replacing this super old helmet)

One thought on “Back to Work/COVID-19

  1. Adam, from seeing you race in SC and from your posts anyone can tell what a great person you are. Best wishes for you and your family in these difficult times, and a speedy recovery from that accident you just had. Praying for you.

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