RV Life

It’s been a little over a year since Rebekah, Charleigh, and I started officially living the “RV Life” full time, and I suppose it’s time to actually do a post showing what that has been like! It has certainly had it’s ups and downs, but it’s a decision that we’re still glad that we made looking back. While we will be looking for a house to buy in Grand Junction soon, we’ll still be spending the next few months in our current RV parked on the AeroHemp Farm. So for now I believe I am still the only Pro Triathlete currently living the RV Life in a full-time capacity. We do still own a house back in SC, but that will be on the market soon as we make our move. We’re already all set up with Trisha Whittington from Re/Max 4000 in our search for a home now, and they have even come on board as a sponsor for 2020! I’m positive that we’ll document that journey as we navigate purchasing our next home.

At the beginning of January last year we took our first drive in our Class A Motorhome which was a 2002 Itasca Suncruiser. While it had the benefit of being more mobile since it had a hefty V10 engine, we eventually found it a bit too small for occupying two adults, a growing toddler, and two dogs. So after a couple months we decided to make the switch to a roomier fifth wheel toy hauler, which is what we are currently in. It is a 2016 Keystone Impact Fuzion M311 that is about 36 feet in length with 2 slides. It so far has done a much better job at satisfying our needs. And while it’s not a house by any means, it has been plenty big enough to contain our little family.


So after my assignment in Tucson ended, we ran into the issue of not having bought a truck yet to tow the fifth wheel ourselves. In the meantime, we paid someone to tow it for us from Tucson to Grand Junction where we are still parked now. We have since bought an appropriate truck for towing, but since we are pretty stationary at the time the truck hasn’t gotten much use. Besides cruising farm roads playing country music with the windows down that is.

2008 Dodge RAM 3500 gets the job done pretty well!

So without further ado, here is a picture tour of our RV where it is parked now!

Disclaimer: due to having a toddler, the RV is rarely ever this tidy. Somehow things manage to get out of place rather quickly when you have a tiny tornado running around.

Nothing too fancy on the outside to speak of. There is an awning that comes out over the side doors that my get some use in the summer when the sun gets particularly brutal. We are parked next to a farm house on the AeroHemp Farm which is also currently occupied. We are able to use it for hookups to 50 amp power which we had installed and water which is run through 2 heated/insulated hoses.


Unfortunately, we are just slightly downhill from the sewer cleanout pipe, and poop doesn’t flow uphill. So we use this portable container to empty our black water tank on about a weekly basis.


This is the dog’s food container where they get their 2 meals a day. Charleigh likes to give them snacks occasionally during the day too!


This is our Rooted Gypsy Farms box where we get our weekly deliveries of fresh, local food from a variety of sources. They drop off to us every Thursday unless we are out of town. There are ice packs that they will replace every week as needed to keep things cool too!

There’s a good bit of extra storage here for things we don’t use often as well as a compartment for the battery and other miscellaneous things.

This is the back entrance that leads to the garage area of the toy hauler. Typically this is used for motorcycles or atv’s. Our main uses are for all of my triathlon gear and a nice queen-sized bed for Hercules and Riley.

I also typically will sleep in the top queen-sized bed while Rebekah and Charleigh will sleep in the bedroom. This is so I don’t wake up as often during the night and because I like to sleep with the room a good bit cooler. Charleigh knows how to climb the ladder now all by herself, though, so she comes to visit a lot!

But when we don’t need the beds and need a bit more space, we can hit the switch to put both the beds up and out of the way. It takes more time than in this time-lapse, but ends up being about 6.5-7 feet of clearance underneath.

The ramp in the back also opens into a porch with the rails on the sides. It makes for great views and a good bit more space when the weather is nice. I got a good amount of trainer rides done in this area in the winter when there was a bit too much snow on the ground to head outside.

This tool box has helped a ton in organizing all of my random tools and tri-related gear. It also is the perfect height to serve as a desk for trainer riding with a plenty powerful fan for ventilation.

Here Charleigh is leading us into the kitchen/living area. The slide holds the couch and a bunch of windows for views of the farm. We had those insulated when it got particularly cold, but it’s super nice to be able to have them open with some air flow.

We do have one designated corner for Charleigh’s toys, though these often get scattered about before being put back. We also have a small, but power space heater that is a great assist to the otherwise propane powered heating system.

Here we have a small stove/oven combo that is also fueled by propane with a microwave hanging out just above that. The refrigerator is decently well sized, but not quite residential. Enough to fit our Rooted Gypsy food, but not quite enough for frozen pizzas and such!


Rebekah can’t quite reach the top shelf here, so it has turned into my Team Kattouf Nutrition storage area. Most of our pantry space is to the right, though you can probably tell that there is no lack of cabinets and storage in the main area.

Pretty standard sink area which gets a lot of use. There are also covers for the sink in case we need more counter space for cooking or baking.

A fancy control panel to take care of the slides, check the levels of the tanks, control the awning, etc. A pretty basic thermostat that will get adjusted a good bit depending on the season. The heat primarily comes through the floor while there are ac units that blow air through ceiling vents.

We spend a good amount of time on this couch! Charleigh loves her donut pillow and snuggling up with dad.

Deeper into the RV we have the bathroom right off the hallway. If you look close you can even spot Charleigh’s mini toilet across from the big boy toilet.

Here’s a closer look at the shower which obviously gets heavy use by me. The hot water will typically last 10-15 minutes which is plenty for me with decent pressure. There’s also a slot for dirty clothes to the right with some good space for towels and toiletries, in addition to under the sink and behind the mirror.

This is the King sized bed where Rebekah and Charleigh sleep adorned with the TriRig Rainbow Poo Pillow. Plenty of room for the two of them, though if I join then I’m likely to get kicked a good amount. There are also a good amount of bedtime books in some of the storage cabinets just above the bed that Charleigh likes to reach for.

This is some of the storage for our clothes including a large drawer under the bed which is where most of my clothes are kept. There’s not much there currently with the laundry being done now, but it’s a convenient little spot to keep things out of the way.


And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed the little tour of our current set up here in Grand Junction, CO. If you have any more questions about the specifics of our setup then Rebekah or myself would be glad to answer them. As we eventually transition out of the RV then I’m looking forward to taking this on some of my race trips for training and/or racing. But for now we’ll be enjoying the views and taking in plenty of sunshine in our fifth wheel RV.

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