No, this is not a post teaching you the quickest way to transition from swim-bike or bike-run. Though I’m sure I could easily write a few thousands words about that. This is about the current transition in my life to racing triathlon in what I would consider a full-time capacity. While I can’t say I “quit” my job, I did turn down the chance to renew my contract once it ended this past Saturday. I greatly enjoyed my time working at St. Mary’s Hospital here in Grand Junction. My coworkers were some of the best I’ve ever had, not just as employees but as friends. This is the one place I’ve been that I could truly talk about my passions with like-minded people and be fully heard and understood. As evidenced by not only the many tri-related conversations I’ve had in the past year while at work, but including the amount of avocado related gifts I received while there! I don’t see this as the end of my nursing career by any means, and I look forward to returning to work in some capacity down the road.

So in regular Feigh fashion, things proceeded to not go very smoothly since my last post. We found out that Rebekah’s job that was lined up was not to be. So while that has delayed her start to work for a bit, our plan will still be moving forward and Charleigh will just get some extra time with both mom and dad!

It’s now been a few days since I turned in my badge and my gun pager. Not much has changed, but the RV is looking a bit cleaner and I’m feeling a lot less rushed than normal! I’m actually able to even put my legs up and write a blog post! I’ve been working on moving my schedule up to earlier in the day since I am not getting off late at night anymore. The body hasn’t been loving it, but I’m sure it will pay off when I don’t feel like death when waking up at 4am for a race. Something I’ll likely be doing this weekend as I’ve decided to jump into Powerman Arizona for the 4th consecutive year, hoping to finally claim that top step after 3 years of podiums! I’ll also be able to spend a few days with friends in sunny Arizona, which should be a bit more pleasant than the frozen tundra that is currently Grand Junction.

In some upcoming exciting news, I’ll be working with a few more companies this year on the sponsor front. I’ve connected with a lot of great people in the past few months, and can’t wait to properly represent them and their brands in my racing for 2020! I can’t express enough my gratitude for the people that are helping me live out my dreams in sport.


I’ll continue to try to document my journey both here and on social media. Hopefully the next post will be one of success from Powerman Arizona!


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