I thought today would be appropriate to write a post dedicated to some of the things I am thankful for in my life. Rebekah and I are currently in the stage of planning how we will be shaping our lives for the years to come, and I think it is important to recognize all that we have to be grateful for.

First of all, I am thankful for my life that God has given me. This entire existence was at His creation, and there is no way to fully express or repay everything that we have been blessed with. And despite my many misgivings, it has all already been forgiven by his grace.

Next would be to give thanks to my family. Rebekah for taking the charge in Charleigh’s first years of growth and joining in our crazy travels/adventures. My sister for dropping everything and helping our mother in her time of need after her recent stroke. My mother for raising me to be a kind and understanding person. My father for showing me how to work hard for what you want, and to not take the stresses of life too hard. All of my extended family for always being supportive and having listening ears. And Charleigh for reminding me that some of life’s greatest joys are the simplest ones.

I have been blessed to live the life that I do. Working in a job that I enjoy, in various places across the country, meeting new people and learning new things as I go. Allowing me to support my family as I do so, while still doing many of the activities that I love.


I’ve gotten to see a lot of places this year not only through my work as a Nurse, but through my training and racing as well. Building memories I will never forget. Looking down from epic climbs such as Mt Lemmon, Madera Canyon, Colorado National Monument, Douglass Pass, and many others. Racing up Windmill Hill in Ireland, the many climbs of IRONMAN Wisconsin, the boardwalk of Oceanside, and even Grandfather’s Pond in Hurricane, Utah.

And even despite my expectations, I was elated to see my results as an athlete climb even higher. Forming and strengthening bonds with companies in and outside the sport, that are making my pursuit of these dreams possible. I am truly grateful to those that stepped out and believed in me. I see myself as a true Professional in the sport now more than ever. And I eagerly look forward to 2020, as I make the transition to full-time racing even more of a reality.

I am also thankful that Rebekah, Charleigh, and I have found Grand Junction, CO this year. And we look forward to hopefully calling it home in the next few months. It is absolutely stunning here, from the quiet farmlands to the epic mountains surrounding the valley. The near future will involve many changes (as our lives often do), but these being more permanent as we set down roots. I’m excited for everything that this brings, and to share my journey as it unfolds!

To everyone, have a Happy Thanksgiving!



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