Leaving Tucson

Today marks the final day in my assignment here in Tucson and we will be leaving Monday for our next adventure! My time at Tucson Medical Center has been great and they accepted me seamlessly into their family. While it was tempting to stick around, I’m afraid I would probably melt in the approaching heat of Tucson, so am therefore heading North for the Summer! I’ll likely return at some point to Tucson, though, as my experience here has been generally positive between work, training, and day to day life.


My final weekend in Tucson will include celebrating Charleigh’s 1-year birthday, some more exploring of the area by bicycle, and prepping for the trip to Grand Junction, Colorado! We plan to head out Monday and to stop for a couple days in Show Low, AZ which is supposed to be a gorgeous area. It will be nice to be able to take our time on a road trip for once and not having to rush to get to where we’re going! I will have a week off between assignments before starting back to work at St. Mary’s in Grand Junction. I’m looking forward to having some time to relax between assignments as well as kicking off my build up to IRONMAN Cork in Ireland this June.


I will attempt to include lots of pictures of Charleigh, pups, swimming, biking, running, and general fun having over the next week of fun traveling to and getting set up in Grand Junction. Our plan is to stay on a farm outside of town in our RV with me commuting to work via bike as weather allows, which should be pretty often considering the weather there this time of year. While I’ve only passed through Grand Junction a few times on my travels, I’m super excited to get back to the mountains and explore everything it has to offer!

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