Back to Work

So as many of you may already know, my assignment in Denver, CO came to an end about a month ago. I had a great time and learned a lot over my 6 months at Porter Adventist Hospital, and will miss the spine and ortho teams there a ton. I had a number of great coworkers and if it weren’t for my desire to travel more, staying longer would have been a consideration for sure.

Buckle up for some more travel, kid!

The past month has been a whirlwind of constantly picking up and changing locations. The first few days after my assignment ended included packing up everything we own from our 1-bedroom apartment and either throwing it into our RV, or taking it with us on the flight to SC. We spent nearly 3 weeks back in SC bouncing around spending time with different family and friends mainly in Beaufort and Columbia. While it was exciting and great to catch up with everyone, I honestly felt busier than I had been before my assignment in Denver had ended somehow. Being busy was still fun though with Charleigh’s Baptism, Christmas, and a great New Year’s celebration.


I also got to use this time to get in some decent training with the time off to set a solid foundation to build off of for the upcoming months. I recently started working with a couple new companies in Morf-Tech and STAC who are both helping me refine some things on the bike to help get me faster for next year. Having the extra time to fiddle with my setup was great and I was very grateful to have the help of Brian Curran at Outspokin while I was in Columbia which made things way easier.

More details to come on these!

After the New Year, we flew back to Denver with Rebekah’s father, Jeff ready to head out in the RV. The trip from Denver with the RV wasn’t super smooth, but we avoided any major issues and the RV is holding up! The first day of our travel we made it to Grand Junction where we stayed at Peter and Elizabeth Barc’s house who had also been amazing enough to watch our dogs while we were in SC. From there, I did the rest of the driving in the RV with the dogs while Rebekah, Jeff, and Charleigh took the minivan. It was a blast literally driving our home with almost everything we own down the Interstate! We used the next day to make the drive to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. It began snowing just as we arrived before proceeding to dump about 6 inches of snow that night.

Luckily, it seems that the RV held up to the snow as we spent the next day exploring the Grand Canyon a bit and getting some things settled into the RV. While the visibility of the Canyon was often cloudy, it opened up once to give us some spectacular views.

We managed to escape the deep layers of snow the following day and made the remaining trip to Tucson where it was unexpectedly nice and warm. This gave us about a week to get things settled and ready for me to start my assignment at Tucson Medical Center. We were very nervous at first about fitting the RV into place at Jesse and Amy’s, but it slid in great if not just a bit snug. Jeff did a great job getting everything that we needed hooked up and explaining how everything works with the RV to Rebekah and myself before flying out a few days before my assignment started.

Going to be a lot of these going on.

I’ve already gotten the chance to get in some amazing swimming, cycling, and running here in the Tucson area and am ready to start the build into hopefully another successful year. The infrastructure in Tucson is setup great for being active with paths everywhere and a very supportive community. I even found out that Tucson Medical Center has private bike lockers for staff to use for free. Not just for your helmet and such, but to fit an entire bike!

Just another 100 mile ride in Tucson!

I am only a couple days into my assignment now and have only had a few glimpses of my unit so far, but I have been extremely impressed with the facility and staff so far. Everyone I talk to has had a great experience there and it is apparent that it is a well organized hospital. I expect to stay pretty busy over the next few months here between work, training, and family but I hope to continue sharing my experiences as I go!

Frankie and Charleigh!

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