Donuts V Pastries

You may be curious about the title of this post. What do donuts or pastries have to do with triathlon? And why are they competing against each other?! Well this post will explain all, and how one can incorporate the occasional tasty treat into your daily living and training!

Okay, I’ll admit it. You shouldn’t be eating donuts, cookies, and fudge all of the time. But there are circumstances when something sweet can be included in your diet and not only be okay, but even beneficial. For me, this typically revolves around the concept of glycogen replenishment while training for endurance events. I won’t dig too deep into the science here, but enjoying your diet with the right foods at the right times can go a long way to seeing good results while keeping adherence to an otherwise “healthy” diet.

It’s true.

To put this concept into practice, my wife and I decided to have a bit of a competition. We will both be creating Instagram accounts focusing on ourselves and others fueling workouts with sweets of any kind. Mine is @Driven.By.Donuts while hers is @Powered.By.Pastries and the “rules” are as follows:

  • All posts must stay within the theme of exercising/training and sweets.
  • The winner is decided by the account with the most followers by midnight prior to Thanksgiving.
  • A custom triathlon suit design will be created by Epix Gear for the winning account for the 2019 season.
  • Loser must cook or bake any one item of the winner’s desire!

And that’s it! So head on over to Instagram and follow @Driven.By.Donuts because I want to win! And whenever you have a picture of you or your friends that might work, then tag us or send it over for us to use. As long as you keep it fun and exciting!

And for best results, follow the below loose guidelines when incorporating sweets into your living and training:

  • Do not revolve your diet around sweets or overindulge. A satisfying healthy and balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables is still the best way to go!
  • Include mainly in workouts where refueling and keeping glycogen stores topped off is critical. Particularly workouts going beyond 1 hour in duration.
  • Generally include protein post workout in an about 4:1 carb to protein ratio to maximize recovery. Especially paired with good amino acid supplementation.
  • Don’t immediately overeat with more calories than you burned!
  • Avoid too much fat close to your workout. Can be good at other times, but can slow digestion and fueling if too much is consumed before, during, or directly after exercise.

Lastly, if you are looking for any products to use to help maximize your fueling for any kind of training, then check out the Kattouf store here or how they support me here. I use these products every day and every one of them has been extremely well thought out. Plus the Kattouf Kookie and Brownie bars are great if you are looking for something ideally balanced which isn’t true of most Donuts or Pastries!

Update: as Rebekah became injured during our “competition” we decided to end it early without a defined winner.

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