Life In Denver

It’s been almost a month since our move out to Denver, CO and I suppose now is a good time for an update on how things have been going! The short version: it’s been exciting, super-busy, and I feel like I’ve experienced more in the past month than I have in the first half of 2018. We still haven’t gotten a set rhythm to our days exactly, but we’re taking each day as it comes and trying to see everything Denver has to offer. To make things easier I will separate this post into both a “training” section and a “family” section, as I know some people are more interested in one part over the other!


Altitude. It’s a real thing. Denver is known as the “Mile-High” city, in part due to it sitting at just over 5,000 feet above sea level. You likely have heard things about athletes moving to high-altitude for training to get faster for race day. While Denver isn’t at a super high altitude, it was certainly enough for me to feel the effects shortly after our move. Coupled with less than ideal recovery due to moving, Ironman training, starting a new job, and taking care of Charleigh, it was a rough few weeks. Each sport has been effected in a different way, but I am slowly coming around with each to getting back into a groove.

Obligatory cycling picture.

While the altitude may make training difficult, everything else about Denver makes up for it! For riding there are endless places to go and I’ve been exploring a ton of the mountains in the area and haven’t even scratched the surface. Running is pretty much the same and we are lucky to be staying right next to Washington Park which has been a staple for a lot of my runs. It is a very popular spot without being too crowded and has great views with paved and dirt paths (and convenient bathrooms!). I still haven’t gotten really set on a great place for swimming, but it’s not for a lack of options. There are a ton of pools just within a few miles and if one isn’t open, then I always have a backup nearby.

Aptly named Green Mountain Trail.

One of my favorite things about training in Denver so far, though, has been the community of athletes. On many of my rides or runs, I will find at least one person to chat with or meet that just happens to be out and about as well! This rarely would happen in SC but is a regular occurrence here. I have enjoyed listening to other people’s stories while training and I love how supportive everyone seems to be here.

You may know that I have another international trip coming up for one of my bigger races of the year, IRONMAN CANADA. My dad will be joining me this time and everything is booked and ready to go for a fun trip and race! While training hasn’t been perfect in this lead up, I’m still pretty confident that I’ll be able to perform well on July 29th. The Pro start list has been posted and there are 20 incredibly strong guys on the list with a ton of race history and experience. I’m excited to see where I stand in a field this strong and hope I’m one of the guys that will be able to hold up in the mountains of Whistler, Canada! While I have goals of being top-10 and being under 9 hours for the race, I will be happy with anything that sees me staying strong and steady throughout the course of the race.

So strong.




Cutest baby ever

Charleigh has been a near perfect little baby angel over the past month, doing all the adorable things that babies do, and only occasionally giving us her heartbreaking sad face. She has been a champ when it comes to traveling, and while every car ride isn’t perfectly quiet, I’d say she does better than we expected and mainly only cries when there is a justifiable reason. And even when she had a little extra crying while at the very top of Mt Evans at sunset (a mountain peaking over 14,000 feet), she may have just been summoning her goat friend who came to visit us and even escorted us back down the mountain!

So today Rebekah is returning to SC with Charleigh in tow. Rebekah has been able to be involved with the Girls Rock Denver community over the past week as they had their camp, and is now going to be helping out at the Girls Rock Columbia camp next week. I have heard that all of the girls think Charleigh is adorable, but honestly that comes as no surprise! Rebekah will also be able to get our house ready to be rented out to anyone who is potentially interested since it is sitting empty at the moment (let us know if you know anyone interested!). While I am going to miss them a ton, I am happy knowing that our families will be able to get to see Rebekah and Charleigh after a month away. It is good timing as well since I will be in Canada for part of the time while she is there.

Overall, we are both still happy with our decision to travel. It is definitely tough at times, but the experiences it has allowed us and the additional time spent with Charleigh is irreplaceable. Many people have asked if we intend to stay out here, but I don’t think that is in the cards right now. After my assignment here ends, it is likely we will continue on to a new place for another assignment, but we won’t know for sure until that time arrives!

Charleigh likes to sleep during church.

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