The Birth of Charleigh Gene Feigh

The long-awaited baby post! For anyone who is my friend and has even peeked at social media lately, you will know that our baby, Charleigh Gene Feigh, has arrived. And just as I do for any other event I participate in, here is a full account of how Charleigh came into this world! I apologize for any delay as it is slightly more difficult (but not impossible) to write a blog post while holding a baby. To be fair, she did surprise us a couple weeks earlier than planned.

Despite being a post that has very little to do with bicycles, this story starts at a bike shop. And don’t pretend like that doesn’t surprise you. Last Thursday, while finishing up my shopping at Outspokin, I received a text from Rebekah. The contents of which you can find below. This happened to be directly after telling the staff Brian and Melody that now would be a good of a time as any for this baby to pop out. Needless to say, I hurried home to find Rebekah having contractions, but not being sure if they were quite regular or frequent enough to be concerned about. We decided to have her walk a bit more while I jump on the bike (inside) to get some spinning in. I know, a lot of bicycles for a baby story.

How it went down.

Shortly after, we start seeing signs of things getting a bit more serious and progressing along. So we throw our bags in the minivan and shoot on over to the hospital to get checked in! It was maybe 8pm by now and things had pretty much held steady. After being thoroughly assessed by the AMAZING staff at Palmetto Health Baptist-Parkridge and spending well over an hour walking the halls trying to quicken the process, we got to go home knowing that she was likely in early labor. This meaning that the real deal was likely to start anywhere from the next day to the next week depending on how things went.

After a short night’s sleep and some more indoor bicycle riding (I do that a lot), we headed to the hospital again. This time for me to head to work as well as for us to attend the baby shower being put on for us by my coworkers. Just a few minutes before the shower was supposed to begin at 1pm, Rebekah was beginning to show signs of things progressing much quicker. We decide to go ahead and check in excited to get things going! My coworkers were kind enough to bring some food up for me to chow down on while we awaited the inevitable. I have to thank all of my coworkers for being super kind and helpful to Rebekah in the time that she was there before the shower!

Before too long, we were in what would be the eventual delivery room with contractions getting more intense by the minute. Rebekah decided to go the epidural route before things got too far. We had a quiet period after this that allowed us both to get a short nap in to prepare for what was about to go down. Much of our family had already gathered at the hospital and took it in turns to come visit before the real work began. Then, sometime at or just before 8pm on Friday night, the pushing began.

I won’t give all the gory details of everything that happened during this time, but it certainly wasn’t a quick process. After about 2 hours of pushing, pulling, tugging, and grunting, our baby girl Charleigh Gene Feigh was born at precisely 9:54pm! We spent the next few hours in amazement of what had just happened in the creation and delivery of our newborn daughter. We got to move into another room sometime around 1am where we would stay for the next couple of nights.

Minutes after.

While I was able to get a couple short blocks of sleep that night on the pullout chair, Rebekah was kept up taking care of much of the responsibilities that come with pushing a new human out of you. That Saturday and the following Sunday morning consisted of many assessments, visits by friends and family, just slightly more sleep, and more wonderment before getting to come home with our bundle of joy!

Everyone has been so supportive of us during these past few days and we’re still in awe that we created this whole new person. Being able to give birth at my place of work was also amazing and I am so grateful to everyone that made things as wonderful as they were. We are blessed that Charleigh has been cleared as completely healthy at this point even after being born nearly 2 weeks early. She was born at 8 pounds 1 ounce and 19 and 3/4 inches long and is already growing/lengthening! I intend to continue posting frequently about our baby and am ecstatic for what the future has to hold for our family!

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