The Things I’ve Done Wrong

Not Adam

Often times, when I meet new people or when someone learns of my athletic achievements, they assume I was some sort of natural born athlete. That I just somehow contain superior genetics and have been swimming, biking, and running since I was a baby. I’d like to go ahead and dispel that notion right now. I was a pretty average kid. I played organized baseball among some other sports here and there. I was decent but by no means a stand out in any respect. Though my parents would of course tell you differently. In middle school I even joined the swim team for a season. Due to a lack of interest and pretty much always being the slowest kid, I ended up giving up my swimming career that lasted only a number of months. Oh how I regret that now…

Baseball Adam

So when I joined the track team during high school and started running I surely must have quickly ascended to greatness, right? Nope. I meandered along to mediocrity, ending 3 years of running track injured and never even qualifying for any sort of large State meet or anything like it (at least I was a good tuba player). I finally began getting interest for triathlon in college, and it took just about my entire time at USC to show any sort of resemblance of “Elite” fitness.  Which finally began to show itself mainly in these past few years. And now, nearly 4 years post college and a long time since I started competing in sports, I’m here to answer the question. WHAT TOOK SO LONG?!

Track Adam

Well, if there’s a mistake out there in training or racing, I’ve probably made it. My intention over a few different blog posts is to highlight what those mistakes were, and what I do now that helped get me to where I am. For anyone that’s read any of my previous blog posts, you are probably already well aware that I still make mistakes. And by no means do I do things perfectly now. But as a Professional athlete and Coach, I make it my business to learn every big and little detail I can about this sport. So I can not only implement those details myself, but to also share with others to help them on their paths to success.

Triathlon Adam


So stay tuned as I blunder through a number of different subjects going through different aspects of nutrition, training, recovery, injuries, life, and whatever else comes up that I stumbled through to get to where I am today!

One thought on “The Things I’ve Done Wrong

  1. I’m excited to read this. I also like reading that you weren’t some sort of lifelong athlete- a lot of people think that once they’re adults, it’s too late… but that is far from the truth. Sure, MAYBE if you’d started triathlete earlier, or stuck with swimming, you’d be an even better athlete. But on the flip side, you could have also gotten burnt out or come to hate the sport. Heck, my friend ran in college and two years later is still getting over it- so many athletes graduate and stop altogether. All of our experiences- mistakes and positive ones- shape us into the athletes we are :).


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