The New Year

It’s 2017! That seems like a good enough reason for a new blog post!

Looking back at 2016 I had a lot of big goals and managed to race pretty successfully in the first half of the year with a lot of hit or miss performances in the latter half of the year. In total I would call the year a success with improved performances and more consistent training in all 3 sports compared to previous years. In 2016 I swam about 480,000 yards, biked 8,500 miles, and ran 1,200 miles for over 700 hours of training for the year. While that is a lot, I intend to surpass this amount while still maintaining as good or better quality throughout the year.

Currently I am on the road with Rebekah heading to Phoenix, Az where I will be spending the first few months of 2017 on a travel assignment for work. This will hopefully be beneficial to my training and set me up for a great season of racing as I compete in multiple Half and Full Ironman distance races throughout the year. I have made a tentative race schedule for the year that goes through mid October. I will likely add a few more smaller races in throughout the year and may add more on towards the end of the year depending on how the season is going. I am excited about this schedule and believe many of these races play towards at least some of my strengths as an athlete.

Now all that is left is to put in the work, stay healthy, and race hard! Good luck to everyone in their goals for 2017! I’ll attempt posting some over the next few months to keep everyone up to date on my travels.


March 18- Toughman Arizona

April 1- California 70.3

April 15- TryCharleston International

April 29- Clemson Triathlon

May 21- Chattanooga 70.3

June 11- Eagleman 70.3

July 15- Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon

August 6- Lake Logan International

September 24- Augusta 70.3

September 30- Toughman South Carolina

October 14- The Dam Tri

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