I’m Moving to Arizona!

Well, sort of. More like I’m going to Arizona for a few months and then coming back. But who doesn’t enjoy a catchy, attention grabbing title? On January 1st I will be driving to Phoenix, Arizona to live and work as a travel nurse until April 8th. After spending a few days with me (much of it driving), Rebekah will be flying back home to return to our pups and her job. Leaving me to explore the wild west that is Arizona.

Now to address the many questions that I’m sure you’re thinking of.

What is travel nursing?

According to Google: “A travel nurse is a nurse who is hired to work in a specific location for a limited amount of time. Travel nurses typically work 13 week periods in one area, and move around the country depending on where they are needed.” I will specifically be working in the Banner Boswell Medical Center in their OR located in Sun City (Northwest Phoenix).

What I’ll be doing.

Didn’t you just get married? You can’t leave Rebekah alone for that long!

Yes we did get married. Just a little over a year ago. And yes, I’m going to miss her a ton while I’m away. This decision is one that we made together though and through many conversations decided that now was the time for me to do this. I have adequate experience as a nurse, we are stable in our home and work lives, and we have yet to start a family. I’m confident that our relationship will be fine while we are apart. Though if you wish to donate flowers and chocolate to help us ease our profound loneliness, then we are always accepting.


What about your blog? I must get my regular updates from Feighathlon.com!

Of course I’ll keep things updated on here and social media! I intend on working hard and playing hard while I’m away and I’ll try to post a lot to let my friends and family know what’s going on. While I won’t necessarily be racing as much while there, I’ll be doing a ton of training to prepare for the 2017 season full of Half and Full distance triathlon training. I also intend on stealing my dad’s GoPro to take with me too for some great photos/videos, but don’t tell him.


Where will you be staying?

I just booked a place to stay through AirBnb that is just north of the “Valley”. I’ve come to believe this is just north of the downtown Phoenix area and it is very close to Camelback Mountain. It will be about a 20 mile commute to my job each way that I intend to cycle. Luckily there are great bike paths all throughout Phoenix, including one that leads me straight to my job which makes it so I hardly spend any time on actual roads. This is a roundabout estimation of where I’ll be while there. (7000 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85020)

This is supposed to look like a camel’s back.

I have friends/family that live there!

Awesome! I’ll definitely be looking to make new friends and meet new people while I’m out there. Let them know I’m coming and I’d love to hang out with some new people! I’ve already met and talked with a few people in the area that have been super friendly and helpful in preparing for the move out there.

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