Changes pt. 2 (Team Kattouf Coaching)

If you have been a reader of my blog for any length of time you may have noticed my gray and yellow race suit sporting the Team Kattouf logo. Some of you may know what Team Kattouf is and others may not. To summarize, Team Kattouf is owned and operated primarily by Rick Kattouf and his wife Gail.


The main component of Team Kattouf is fully customized sport-specific coaching and fitness coaching for any individual. The second component is customized nutrition coaching with a wide array of nutritional products that I use regularly. The Kattoufs’ track record in changing lives in the realm of health and fitness is astonishing and it is honestly amazing how motivating and supportive they are to anyone they meet. To get an idea of how much Team Kattouf has accomplished in the fitness realm, just take a peek here.

The reason I mention this is because a few months ago I messaged Rick about eventually getting into the triathlon coaching world. I always enjoyed my time coaching the team at the University of South Carolina and have always found the art and science of triathlon training fascinating. I knew that triathlon coaching is more than just a hobby to be done correctly and that I had a lot to learn before jumping right in. The training and science I knew well, but running a coaching business is a whole different animal. Since then, I have been continuing to study the art of training and racing triathlon and general fitness and applying in my own life.

Recently, I sat down with Rick Kattouf and we discussed the possibility of me joining as a new coach with Team Kattouf. Upon talking with Rick, I became confident that now would be the ideal time in my life to begin my venture into triathlon coaching! After working out the details, it is now official and I am a Team Kattouf Coach! With the guidance of Rick and Gail I am confident that I can improve any athlete’s triathlon performance. I am currently completing the ITCA Triathlon Certification program which will provide me with a good basis of training knowledge. The invaluable information that will primarily drive my coaching will come from everything I have learned over the years that has led to me becoming a Professional Triathlete.

If you at all interested in becoming an athlete with Team Kattouf and being coached by myself or another Team Kattouf coach, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at We have many different options available for coaching depending on your life and the results of our athletes speak for themselves! Otherwise, see you at the races!

Check out more about Team Kattouf at


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