Professional Triathlon and 2016 Races

At the end of the season in 2015 I set my goal of qualifying to become a Professional triathlete. At the St Anthony’s Olympic triathlon I achieved that goal by placing in the top 3 in a very competitive race. Since then I have deliberated about about whether or not now was the time to actually make the jump and race at the top level of the sport. I have talked to many knowledgeable people on the subject and they all have their own opinions, but in the end, it comes down to my own reasons.

The main reason I got into racing this sport was for the challenge of improving my fitness and to become an all around better athlete. While many things have changed, this one fact has not and continues to drive me to this day. Racing triathlon has always been a humbling sport for me, for even if I did well in one aspect, there has always been something to improve upon in the future. Usually, I have identified a stronger person in the sport to motivate me to compete at their level or eventually surpass it. This has worked for me as I have always been holding myself to a continually higher standard. I will also admit that these people have always become good friends of mine including Mike Lambert, Dan McMahon, Carl Eichert, Collin Zimmerman, and others.

At this point in my racing, there are becoming fewer and fewer of these athletes to chase and truly measure myself against. While I could continue to go to large national or world class Amateur events, I find that I do not enjoy them as much for a variety of reasons. What I have noticed now, though, is even when traveling to larger events, I often end up comparing my performance to that of the Professional field more so than the Amateur. I know that this is the next step, and even if I don’t end up on the podium every race, I know that’s where I want to be.

So I have made the plunge! Last week I applied for and received my license to race as a Professional triathlete! While this will not affect my day to day life of working, training, and living, it makes a huge difference in my mind. While 80% of my races will still be local and that “license” won’t mean a thing for now, it will mean that I occasionally get to toe the line with the best. This means past and current Olympians, World Champions, and just generally freaks of nature athletes. And I’m gonna give it my best shot to beat them.

Huge thanks for the continual support from my friends and family especially my wife Rebekah! None of this would be possible without the continual encouragement from everybody!


Tentative 2016 Race Schedule

6/10/16 – Everyday Heroes 5k

6/18/16 – NC/SC Cycling Time Trial State Championship

6/25/16 – Tri the Midlands Sprint Triathlon

7/4/16 – Born in the USA 4 Mile Road Race

7/9/16 – SC Peach Festival Road Race

8/7/16 – Lake Logan Olympic Triathlon

9/5/16 – Labor Day 5 Mile Road Race

9/17/16 – The Dam Run 10k Road Race

10/8/16 – The Dam Triathlon

10/23/16 – Miami 70.3 Triathlon (Pro race)

10/30/16 – Austin 70.3 Triathlon (Pro race)

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