The Season Has Arrived

The race season is here and my first races are rounding the corner. I am extremely excited about my priority races as my speed in all 3 disciplines is continuing to grow. My recent change in work schedule has done wonders for my consistency in training. The next couple months of racing will show just how much improvement I have made and if I will really have what it takes to qualify in racing professionally.

Race Schedule

Palmetto 200 Relay- March 18-19th

200 mile running relay between 12 teammates. Joined to fill in an opening for a friend and will be running leg 1, 8, and 36. Have never done a relay like this so it should be fun!

Parris Island Sprint Triathlon- March 19th

You may notice that this date coincides with the Palmetto 200. I will indeed be doing this race between legs 8 and 36 of the Palmetto 200. My focus will mainly be on the triathlon with the relay being more for training. I have placed 2nd at this race for the past 2 years so hopefully this will be the year to take the win!

Newberry Run for Your Life 5k- March 26th

This race is put on by Newberry Hospital which is where Rebekah works. Enough said.

Columbia Downtown Sprint Triathlon- April 3rd

Was my first triathlon in 2011 and always fun to race and see familiar faces!

Anderson YMCA Sprint Triathlon- April 10th

Another fun race in the Upstate to continue breaking the legs in and obtain more race day experience.

TryCharleston Half Triathlon- April 16th

This will be my first Half distance triathlon and will be the perfect opportunity to practice pacing and nutrition before Chattanooga. The course is super flat and should make for some ridiculously fast times with some great competitors.

St. Anthony’s Olympic Triathlon- April 24th

This will be my first attempt at qualifying to race professionally. I will need to place in the top 3 Overall of nonprofessional athletes. This won’t be easy as this race attracts some of the fastest athletes in the country. I will be traveling to the race will some fellow Team Kattouf teammates and should make for some memorable times!

Chattanooga 70.3 Triathlon- May 22nd

This will be my second attempt at qualifying to race professionally, but at a different distance. The course is known as being beautiful as well as decently fast. This race will primarily be about execution on my part as a 4+ hour race is not an easy thing to complete while maintaining a high intensity throughout!


After Chattanooga I will be taking a break to allow myself to recover and reassess which races I will do for the remainder of 2016. This will largely depend on the results of my priority races and how my fitness is coming at that time.

Many people have helped me prepare for this season and have been crucial in keeping my training at high levels. Team Kattouf is always available for any training questions I have and has a great array of nutritional products that I use regularly. The Kattouf Kookie is particularly delicious and provides great fuel for before workouts and races.


Crazy Compression makes some great compression sock/sleeves that I wear regularly to keep my legs fresh despite the beating I place on them daily. Their socks have great designs and are very reasonably priced compared to others I have had in the past.


Outspokin Bicycles has helped me get up and running with the fast Trek Speed Concept and every small detail that will make my bike splits super fast.


And of course Rebekah and these guys help with my daily training!



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