Greenville Sprint Triathlon

Here was another last second decision race! This was Rebekah’s last triathlon for the year and Timothy was heading up with us for the fun. Since I would already be there to support Rebekah, I decided to give it a tri!

I signed up the day before the race and was assigned bib number 320. Since this was another pool time trial start that typically means you start in order of number but I was assured that I did not need to start 320th. We had a nice dinner that night at Carrabbas with Timothy’s family and headed to bed in a hotel room that his family had for the night. Much more convenient than traveling several hours race morning like I frequently do.

Over the night there was a huge storm that passed through and made the roads plenty slick and apparently tore up the finish line area at the race. The super staff for SetUpEvents did their magic and everything was back up and running in time for the race start! We got everything ready and I got a short swim warm up in before the National Anthem was played and announcements were made. I went to get in line and was urged in front of Peter Kotland and began 4th directly behind stud and fellow youngster Cory Tretsky. The start came quickly and I dove in to start the 400m long course swim. By the end of the swim I came out in 2nd place to Michael Mauhar with Peter shortly behind me.

I quickly got to work on the bike on the straighter portions of the ride and took the lead after the first few miles. After a few sketchy descents on the slick roads and noticing nobody coming from behind, I took the final portions of the bike pretty conservatively to avoid any unnecessary spills. I entered T2 in one piece and saw Peter and Jeff Brandenburg finishing the bike leg as I headed out for the run.

I had done minimal scouting of the course and while the course was well marked, I still have difficulties to this day of navigating courses at high intensities. After a few stops and near wrong turns I figured out where I was going and settled into a solid clip. Barring the portions of wet trails the course was decently enjoyable with many short inclines and declines. As I came into the Finish line nobody was quite ready, including the Race Director and Announcer Jeremy Davis who had wandered off making for quite an anticlimactic finish. Jeff and Peter finished just a couple minutes behind with Cory and Michael rounding out the Top 5. Timothy finished with a strong 1st AG and Rebekah came in to finish her last race of the year with a nice cold splash of water from me as a direct hit while she was in the finishing chute.

This was a fun race and I’m glad I decided to compete at the last second. My finishing time was 1:00:02 so my only regret was not breaking an hour! I know under dryer circumstances I would have been able to drop a minute or two from my bike split but everyone raced the same conditions so I’m sure many times were slower than normal. Other than the Dam Triathlon Sprinternational in October I’m not positive what will come up next but I’m busy planning some big things for next season!

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