Parris Island Sprint Triathlon

Racing season is back! Every year Set Up Events kicks off the tri season with the Parris Island Sprint Triathlon down in Beaufort, SC. From what I have heard, 2015 was the 20th running of this race and pretty large with just about 400 participants for an early March sprint with a pool swim.

The two months leading into this race were much different than expected for training due to a sudden onset of achilles tendonitis in my left leg. This left me pretty much unable to run due to a flare up just waiting to happen and being cautious with swimming and biking. Luckily, thanks to local triathlete Bill Wiseman, I got hooked up with Dr. Bowman at Progressive Chiropractic in Irmo, SC. With many ART sessions, therapeutic ultrasound,  and the painful Graston technique (but really), I was cleared to start testing it out about a week before the race. After a few successful one to three mile runs I decided to go for it at Parris Island with Dr. Bowman’s blessing.

I hitched a ride with best man Timothy Gibson and his girlfriend Kitty on Friday night for the Saturday morning race. After getting to Beaufort they dropped me off at Rebekah’s grandparent’s to catch some much needed quick sleep after transitioning from working night shifts for a few weeks. Then a 6 am wake up time and I headed out with Rebekah to the race site!

The warmup run was successful and confirmed that the achilles was giving me no problems. After checking out the flat, wet, and windy bike course I headed in and awaited my turn in the time trial start.

I started a few minutes after the first person with a bib number of 12 and had a fairly uneventful 500m swim. Passed a few people but am definitely getting my feel and speed back after the Oconee incident of separating my shoulder and being out of the water for awhile. Eventually I was out onto the bike for a cloudy and wet 10.6 mile ride.

The bike has been an area I know I can still improve well in and have gotten time lately to put in a few more efforts due to not being able to run. With two out and back portions I really tried to push the straight portions and took the turns cautiously as wiping out was not on my to do list. Bringing it into T2 with a 24.4 average and a 2nd best split of the day. Strava file here!

Heading out onto the run felt strange, my legs felt heavier than normal and didn’t quite have the spring they normally do. This was probably expected due to the circumstances and I just tried holding a good honest effort without going too anaerobic. This was good enough to hold right at 5:53/mile which was good enough for the 2nd fastest run of the day behind UGA friend Gregory Lancaster. Not quite the 5:25/mile from last year but good enough for me! Strava file here!

Due to the time trial start I found out later that I had placed 2nd Overall behind Yorlliry Moreno. Most importantly though, I still had enough pep in my step to edge out the Collegiates who were fast approaching. After helping pack up the race site, we headed back for some poached eggs and french toast before finally making the trip back to Columbia.

Looking forward to getting some good training in and might just show my face at the Columbia Downtown Sprint if the stars align!


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