IRONMAN Louisville

2 weeks. That’s how much time I gave myself between racing IRONMAN Chattanooga and Louisville. Basically that would mean 2 weeks of kicking my feet up and resting until it was time to head out. Unfortunately, after a relatively hectic return to work after Chattanooga, I woke up Friday morning feeling what was to be … More IRONMAN Louisville

IRONMAN Chattanooga

It seems that my posts are getting more delayed as time goes on. But I suppose that’s what happens when you keep busy and don’t have a fully functioning computer. Either way, my experience at IRONMAN Chattanooga was another memorable one. It honestly went better than I would have expected earning me a solid performance … More IRONMAN Chattanooga

Donuts V Pastries

You may be curious about the title of this post. What do donuts or pastries have to do with triathlon? And why are they competing against each other?! Well this post will explain all, and how one can incorporate the occasional tasty treat into your daily living and training! Okay, I’ll admit it. You shouldn’t … More Donuts V Pastries


I generally prefer to do my race reports very soon after a race, as I find that the memories are freshly imprinted in my mind and I am able to best express them. Unfortunately, my busy schedule has pushed back this post, but I’m confident that I won’t be forgetting this race anytime soon! See … More IRONMAN Canada

Life In Denver

It’s been almost a month since our move out to Denver, CO and I suppose now is a good time for an update on how things have been going! The short version: it’s been exciting, super-busy, and I feel like I’ve experienced more in the past month than I have in the first half of … More Life In Denver

Colorado Bound

By Rebekah Feigh A few weeks ago as Adam and I were beginning to contemplate my return to work and the end of my maternity leave, Adam asked me what I thought about doing another travel nursing assignment. He’s brought this up every few weeks or so since he got back from Arizona last year, … More Colorado Bound