Alaskaman (part 1)

8 months ago I signed up for the Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon. At the time, the race was more of an abstraction than a reality. While I had most of the details of the race, I didn’t know what it would really entail. I had chosen this race as my first Ironman distance race because I … More Alaskaman (part 1)

Alaskaman (part 2)

The first part can be found here The volunteers brought me my prepared transition bag while I racked my bike, and I quickly handed them the containers that I needed to be filled with water. After I finished getting ready and was waiting for them to finish with my water pack, Andrew came into transition … More Alaskaman (part 2)

Eagleman 70.3

Eagleman 70.3 was the last in a series of 3 Half Ironman distance races in 4 weeks coming exactly 1 week after Raleigh 70.3. While my recovery after Raleigh went very well, I knew that having only a week between could be rough regardless of how good I felt. Rebekah and I decided to break … More Eagleman 70.3

Raleigh 70.3

A bit late on this post after a super busy week between competing in both the Raleigh and Eagleman 70.3 races.  June 4th was the Ironman Raleigh 70.3 triathlon which was coming off of competing in Chattanooga only 2 weeks before. After a bit of a disappointing race in Chattanooga, I was excited to get … More Raleigh 70.3