Powerman Arizona

For the past 4 years I’ve made the pilgrimage to McDowell Mountain Regional Park in Fountain Hills, Arizona to race a duathlon. Sometimes it was just down the road, and sometimes it required flying across the country. Either way, it’s always a weekend of fun enjoying a morning of racing in the desert. This year … More Powerman Arizona


No, this is not a post teaching you the quickest way to transition from swim-bike or bike-run. Though I’m sure I could easily write a few thousands words about that. This is about the current transition in my life to racing triathlon in what I would consider a full-time capacity. While I can’t say I … More Transitioning

All In

It hasn’t been a secret that Rebekah and I have loved Grand Junction, CO ever since arriving here. Over the past few months, we have been attempting to figure out what our lives will look like after my travel nurse contract here is over in mid January. Rebekah began applying for jobs in the area … More All In


I thought today would be appropriate to write a post dedicated to some of the things I am thankful for in my life. Rebekah and I are currently in the stage of planning how we will be shaping our lives for the years to come, and I think it is important to recognize all that … More Thankful

Breaking 30

By Rebekah Feigh Ever since I ran my first 5k in late December 2011, I’ve wanted to be fast enough to break 30 minutes. Now to a lot of you, that might not sound like a big deal. But I have never been a very fast runner, and for several years I was unable to run … More Breaking 30